What is AerosApp?

Aeros is the first program for travelers that allows them to accumulate a “universal mile” (AEROS) with purchases in stores both inside and outside the Airports. In addition, convert AEROS to Miles from different Airlines or exchange them for a variety of awards and products in exclusive stores.

Covid-19 has changed dramatically the way we travel and the Aeros App keeps passengers informed about protocol changes as well as flight disruptions like cancellations or delays.

AEROS > Miles

Passengers can exchange their Aeros for miles and points

of different airlines and hotels.

Miles > AEROS > Shop

Passengers can convert their miles and points into Aeros
and then access to exclusive AerosClub products, services and rewards.

Shops Network

Shops Network is made up of exclusive commercial stores and services inside and outside Airports. All commercial partners participate in the issuance and redemption of Aeros.

AerosNetwork Benefits

Extending the revenues from passengers beyond the trip

Registration, passenger information and a more fluid communication channel

Encourage sale of products and services and strengthen the relationship with businesses

Improve the traveler experience with great benefits

Unify mileage management in one currency: Aeros

Accumulate and redeem miles from different airlines

Access to prizes, exclusive discounts, upgrades, VIP Lounge

Enhance the travel experience

Greater emission of miles therefore more revenues

Communication with the passenger at the airport

Increase the value of miles by adding more liquidity

Access a wide market with mileage availability

Build loyalty with customers

Belong to an exclusive network of partners

Increase sales and differentiate from competition

Aeros App

Aeros Wallet is the app that allows passengers to manage in a simple and secure way all their loyalty programs (miles/points). Also gives access to their statement in real time. In addition, its friendly interface enables to redeem  Aeros immediately to different airline miles or vice versa at any time you want.

This same app is the one that allows the user to either accumulate or exchange their AEROS for prizes, or products in the online and offline stores that participate in the program. It is also an important communication channel via push notifications and ads for commercial partners.

With AEROS your miles begin to have real value.

Manage – Accumulate – Redeem


Accumulating AEROS is simple, the user Earns with each purchase made at airport stores or at other leading brands that are part of with the program. The amount of AEROS to receive for each purchase is defined by each business according to its consideration and business objectives.


The Exchange opportunities are multiple, from first-line products and services, such as Hotels, games, Gift Cards, to donations and exclusive products. It can be conveniently redeemed from the app by entering our online catalog of more than 1,000 local and worldwide affiliated stores.

AEROS Ecosystem


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